Shut Down the ICE Detention Machine

UPDATE: There are reports the White House is considering re-opening family detention sites – putting kids and their parents behind barbed wire, simply because they are seeking protection here. This is unacceptable. Take action now.

There’s no question: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention is known for abuse, pervasive medical neglect, and complete disregard for the dignity of people in its custody. During the pandemic, new reports emerged of increased uses of force, solitary confinement, patterns of sexual abuse, non-consensual gynecological procedures, unprecedented fatality rates, and an utter failure to protect people from COVID-19.

The atrocities exposed under Trump are only the most recent and egregious manifestations of a fundamentally cruel, inhumane, and unnecessary system. The Biden administration has not only failed to put an end to this harm – it has expanded on it by awarding new contracts to private prison companies who are turning for-profit prisons into immigrant detention facilities. We must take action: Tell the Biden administration to end its misguided pursuit of new detention contracts and close existing detention facilities.

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Shut Down the ICE Detention Machine
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Stop New ICE Detention Contracts. Close Existing Facilities.

As your constituent, I'm calling on you to stop all new contracts for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities, including those with for-profit prison companies – and close existing detention facilities, especially those with documented patterns of inhumane treatment, in remote locations with compromised access to counsel and medical care, and opened by the prior administration without adequate justification.

Please, I’m asking you to end this pursuit of new detention contracts and shut down inhumane ICE facilities. Your action will help shrink an abusive system and end our nation's newest system of mass incarceration of Black and Brown people.


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